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At LightStones we recognize that there are many collectors, healers and those who appreciate fine mineral and crystal specimens, with an increasing need for various crystals, gemstones and minerals by themselves and/or as jewelry.  

Our purpose is to meet these needs in as a diverse and complete a manner as possible, at very reasonable prices. With great joy we help you select the most appropriate specimens, based on your vision, your need and your budget. Click on Crystals & Stones for a complete listing of our stones. Following are some of our other unique crystal products. 

A note about working with the stones: The essence of working with a crystal, gem or stone is in establishing a personal relationship to it and the consciousness it expresses. We encourage you to explore your own relationship with the stones,gems, and crystals by following your intuitive response to how they"speak" to you. Other people's experiences with them may be useful or interesting as stepping off points, but your own experience is the one that is most important. Trust your intuition!

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Please feel free to contact us at lightstones@att.net, info@lightstonescrystalpharmacy.com,
or call (530) 265-3159 for more information.